Bee Skep Ranch Wallabies

pademelon wallaby
wallaby. wal·la·by (wŏl'ə-bē) n., pl. -bies or wallaby.
i. Any one of numerous species of marsupials native of Australia and Tasmania.
ii. Related to the kangaroos but generally smaller and often having a colorful coat. iii. Typical wallabies of the Macropus genus, like the Agile Wallaby (Macropus agilis), and the Red-necked Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) are most closely related to the kangaroos and wallaroos and, size aside, look very similar.
iii. a group of wallabies is called a mob.

Here at the Bee Skep Ranch, we raise red-necked wallabies, a.k.a. Bennett's wallabies.
      A baby wallaby is called a joey. When our joeys reach approximately 7 months of age, as pictured, they are ready for bottle training. Bottle-raised joeys soon become tame, and make pleasant pets. We use special marsupial milk (either Biolac or Wombaroo), and feed specifically formulated Mazuri kangaroo food, in addition to grasses, fruits, and vegetables.

      As they mature, joeys require plenty of room to excercise. They do well in a large enclosure surrounded by a 6 ft. tall chainlink or non-climb fence. They also require shelter, but do not like being cramped for space. Their shelter should be roomy enough so that each wallaby can lie stretched out, stand to full height, and turn around without touching another wallaby.
Prices for 2018 Bennetts wallabies:

No joeys for sale at this time.