For Sale
Babydoll Ram "Bowie" D.O.B. 3-19-2016.
Bowie was born in 2016 to one of our best ewes, out of our favorite ram, Bram. He is small-sized, and because of this, he was injured by a larger, more aggressive ram during breeding season in Fall of 2016. During his recuperation, he lost body condition, but is regaining this on a diet of grain and alfalfa hay. Due to his injury, he appears to favor one side. He is easy to handle and not aggressive. He is registered with NABSSAR, but has pulled his tag out (see photos). He can be re-tagged as long as the registry is informed. His lambs are registerable if he is bred to a NABSSAR registered ewe. He would be best in a small flock with no big or aggressive rams. He would also be a nice pet. $150 with registration. $75 without.